NHibernate 4.0.2 Released

NHibernate 4.0.2 General Availability is now available for download from Sourceforge and Nuget.

This includes fixes for regressions in NH 4.0.1, and some fixes for mapping-by-code and Firebird issues. Please see the full release notes for more information: releasenotes.txt

Full list of changes:


  • [NH-2779] - Session.Get() can throw InvalidCastException when log-level is set to DEBUG
  • [NH-2782] - Linq: selecting into a new array doesn't work
  • [NH-2831] - NH cannot load mapping assembly from GAC
  • [NH-3049] - Mapping by code to Field not working
  • [NH-3222] - NHibernate Futures passes empty tuples to ResultSetTransformer
  • [NH-3650] - ComponentAsId used more than once, cache first mapping and produces subsequently a sql select wrong
  • [NH-3709] - Fix Reference to One Shot Delete and Inverse Collections
  • [NH-3710] - Use of SetLockMode with DetachedCriteria causes null reference exception


  • [NH-3697] - Ignore Firebird in NHSpecificTest.NH1981
  • [NH-3698] - NHSpecificTest.NH1989 fails for some drivers

Source: http://nhibernate.info/2014/11/15/nhibernate-4-0-2-released.html

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