NHibernate 4.0.3 Released

NHibernate 4.0.3 General Availability is now available for download from Sourceforge and Nuget.

This includes fixes for regressions in NH 4.0.2 and some minor fixes. Please see the full release notes for more information: releasenotes.txt

Full list of changes:


  • [NH-2504] - Can't use Cacheable with Group By
  • [NH-3457] - TemplatedViolatedConstraintNameExtracter.​ExtractUsingTemplate calls Substring with wrong arguments
  • [NH-3468] - InvalidCastException when deleting entities containing uninitialized lazy components
  • [NH-3573] - Query cache statistics not updated when using MultiCriteria
  • [NH-3731] - Unable to serialize session after modifying the index of entities in a list

Source: http://nhibernate.info/blog/2015/01/20/nhibernate-4-0-3-released.html

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